Slip and Fall Injuries During the Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday shopping season is upon us again, which means many people will be spending countless hours in stores and shopping centers checking items off their shopping list. With so many people heading to stores it is inevitable that accidents will happen to some of those roaming the aisles. These accidents often involve customers slipping or tripping and falling due to hazardous conditions in the store.

A business which opens its doors to the public has a duty to maintain a safe premise and to warn customers of any known dangers. Often hazardous conditions which lead to a customer’s injury involve a cracked sidewalk, torn or uneven carpeting, a wet floor, a cluttered floor, or a falling object. If a hazardous condition in a store causes you injury you have a right to hold the store or premises owner responsible. In order for a business to be found negligent and thus responsible for your injury it must be shown that a dangerous condition which a person would not expect to encounter caused your injury and the business knew the dangerous condition existed.

If you have been injured while on a store’s or business’s premises due to the negligence of the business, the attorneys at Ben Bronston and Associates are here to help you get back on your feet. Our attorneys have many years of experience helping people obtain the justice and compensation they deserve for suffering from someone else’s negligence.

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