New York Train Derailment and the Legal Rights of Victims

On this past Sunday morning just outside of New York City a commuter train jumped off its tracks and crashed killing 4 people and injuring numerous others. It has been determined that the train was traveling over 80 mph when it entered a curved section of track that had a speed limit of 30 mph. The investigation into whether the crash was caused by a mechanical failure or human error is ongoing.

Even though this accident happened on a public transportation line the victims may still have a right to legal recourse if it is discovered negligence contributed to the crash. Also, although this accident happened in New York the victims are not limited to only hiring attorneys from the state of New York, should they choose to take legal action. A victim has the right to hire an attorney of their choice regardless of where that attorney is based.

Although there is not nearly as great a presence of commuter trains in the Houston area as there are in New York, public transportation accidents do still happen here. Over the years there have been a good number of accidents involving the light rail trains in Houston. While the accidents have not been of the level of the most recent accident in New York, there is reason to believe that accidents will become more frequent as the city expands the light rail lines across the city, bringing the trains to areas where drivers and pedestrians are not accustomed to dealing with them.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a public transportation accident, in Houston or elsewhere, the attorneys at Ben Bronston and Associates have the knowledge and expertise to fight for the justice you deserve. Our attorneys are dedicated  to getting our clients the monetary recovery for injuries they suffered due to someone else’s negligence, and will do whatever they can to do the same for you.

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