Motorcyclist Killed in Accident on Southwest Freeway

On Tuesday morning a motorcyclist was killed in an accident on the Southwest Freeway near Wesleyan. This accident shut down a very busy stretch of freeway for almost two hours and was right outside our windows here at Ben Bronston and Associates. According to police the man riding the motorcycle was not only speeding but dangerously weaving through traffic when he struck the side of an 18-wheeler trailer.

The presence of motorcycles on the roadways is a polarizing issue for many drivers. There are those who have a deep love for their bikes and feel they have just as much right to the road as anyone, and there are others who can’t stand the presence of motorcycles on the road and avoid them at all costs. The fact of the matter is that motorcycles are not going away any time soon and it is the responsibility of both riders and car drivers to drive with caution to make the road safer for both.

Although motorcycles are smaller and more agile than traditional cars, riders must obey the same set of driving rules that car drivers do. Just because a bike is small and fast enough to weave through spaces in traffic that a regular car could not fit through does not mean the rider has a right to do that. In fact, doing just that is what leads to most motorcycle crashes. Quickly weaving in and out of traffic makes it difficult for other drivers to keep a safe distance and anticipate the rider’s movements which can lead to other drivers becoming involved in wrecks with other cars, the motorcycle, or both.

If you have been involved in a wreck with a motorcycle or if you are a motorcyclist who was involved in a wreck with a reckless driver the attorneys at Ben Bronston and Associates are here to help. Our attorneys will dedicate themselves to restore as much normalcy to your life as is possible after your accident. Our attorneys have many years of experience assisting injured motorists get the compensation they deserve for the negligent actions of another person and will attempt to do the same for you.

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