Bicyclist Killed in Houston Hit and Run

Late Sunday night a bicyclist was struck and killed by a car in east Houston. This became the third fatal hit and run involving a bicyclist in Houston in the past month and a half. These recent accidents once again bring to light the long standing issue of bikers and drivers sharing the road in Houston. Houston has long been a driving city, which means that most drivers have little or no experience, and even less patience dealing with bicyclists on the road with them.

In an effort to combat this problem City Council recently passed a law requiring drivers to give cyclists at least three feet of space on the road, however a not a single ticket has been written so far for violating the law. Although the law has good intentions, it is difficult to obey as very few Houston streets have designated bike lanes, making the roads a tight fit for bikes and cars to share. Another problem is the general attitude of drivers toward bicyclists. For decades cars and trucks have ruled Houston roads leading drivers to feel they have the right of way. This has lead to motorists viewing bicyclists as more of a nuisance and aggravation rather than people they have a duty to share the road with. The concerning part about this is the potential connection between that attitude the failure of the drivers in the 3 recent incidents to stop and render aid.

Despite what motorists may think, bicyclists have just as much right to the road as cars. This means that drivers can be subject to tickets or other legal ramifications for not respecting the biker’s presence on the road. Also bicyclists injured by other drivers have the right to take legal action against a driver who causes them injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed by a driver while biking please call Ben Bronston and Associates. Our attorneys have many years of experience in helping those harmed by the negligence of others get the compensation they deserve. Just because you were on a bike does not mean that your rights are diminished in any way and our attorneys will see to it that you are treated fairly.

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