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Have you lost a loved one due to the careless, reckless, or negligent actions of someone else? If so, you may have grounds to seek compensation for your tragic loss. At Ben Bronston & Associates, our team of dedicated and proven Laredo personal injury lawyers are committed to the advocacy of injury victims and their loved ones. When the avoidable loss of life occurs due to the irresponsible actions of another party, we stand ready to ensure that the gravity of that loss is compellingly put forth before the law.

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Who can file a wrongful death claim in Laredo?

In injury suits, it is the accident victim who files suit against the negligent party who caused them harm. When a death has occurred, the victim cannot do this—but their surviving loved ones can. Under Texas law, surviving spouses, parents, and adult children can file a wrongful death suit against a negligent party (note: this also includes adult adoptive children).

Unfortunately, this does law does leave out some people. Unmarried partners and siblings, for instance, do not have grounds in Texas to file a wrongful death suit. In some cases, eligible parties may group together and collectively file suit collectively following a death.

What kind of damages can you collect in a wrongful death case?

Survivors of a wrongful death face numerous hardships and burdens. While every case is different—and not every eligible damage applies to every claim—plaintiffs in these cases have multiple types of damages to claim in the wake of their tragedy.

Damages that can be claimed in a wrongful death suit include:

  • Mental and emotional anguish and suffering
  • Loss of love, comfort, and companionship
  • Loss of care, services, advice the deceased would have provided
  • Loss of inheritance (including reasonable prediction of savings)
  • Lost household earning capacity

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