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Our Aggressive Laredo Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Can Seek Justice

Have you or a loved one been hurt by a drunk driver? In cases in which an individual hurts others while committing a criminal act, the victims are often unsure about their rights to recover compensation. If the offender is being prosecuted by the state, is that justice? Not always and, in fact, in many instances, injury victims have the option to seek restitution from the offender in a separate civil suit outside of the criminal courts.

At Ben Bronston & Associates, we believe that when negligence leads to an injury, justice should not just accommodate the state, but the victims, as well. If you have been hurt by a drunk driver, then you have the grounds to file a civil injury suit against that individual’s reckless actions. Our committed and resourceful Laredo car accident attorneys are prepared to assess the circumstances of your case and bring effective and decisive action against those responsible for your injury.

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Important Factors in Drunk Driving Injury Claims

Because injury suits related to drunk driving accidents often coincide with criminal charges, victims often believe that they have not legal recourse to seek damages. While this is not true, there are considerations to take into account when approaching this type of injury claim.

Important factors in DWI injury claims include:

  • There may be restitution. When causation can be proven in criminal court, a judge may award the victims of a drunk driver restitution. This restitution may or may not cover the damages that could be recovered in an injury suit.
  • The driver may not pay. Victims sometimes assume that, if a driver is being fined and jailed, what money will they have to provide victims? In these cases, money still may be recovered from the driver’s liability insurance coverage or the victim’s own uninsured driver coverage.
  • The driver does not need to be found guilty. Even if the driver escapes punishment, a civil injury suit may still be effective in recovering the money the victims deserve if the facts of the case are reasserted and re-evaluated in civil court.

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