Laredo car accident lawyer

The bills pile up fast after a car accident — medical bills, car repairs and other expenses that you can’t meet because you are injured and out of work. Meanwhile, you’re counting on an insurance settlement that may never come and is likely to be too small if it does.

Car insurance companies have the upper hand when people are injured in car accidents, and they know it. Insurers are interested in their own bottom line, not yours.

But Ben Bronston & Associates in Laredo, Texas, is here to help you fight back. You have rights — regardless of your immigration status. Our car accident attorneys work directly with car accident victims like you to get the insurance money you deserve for medical expenses, car repairs, lost income and other losses, including your pain and suffering.

We work to get results — money in your pocket — and you won’t owe us anything until we do.

Contact Ben Bronston & Associates in Laredo if you’ve been injured in a car accident in Webb County or elsewhere in the border area of South Texas. Our firm handles car accident cases from start to finish. We don’t drop clients or send them to other firms when the going gets tough. You’ll get straight-forward, hard-nosed representation aimed at finding compensation for you.

Call now! Car accident cases are lengthy and complex when your attorney does the thorough job necessary to maximize the money you are to receive. But Texas personal injury cases have a two-year statute of limitations, which means you cannot file a claim after the deadline has passed. Don’t miss out on money you deserve, money Ben Bronston & Associates can find for you.