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If your child has been injured due to another person’s negligence in Texas, it can be a very traumatic and heart wrenching experience. You want what’s best for your child and to make sure your family can cope with any expenses that resulted from the injury. Holding the negligent party accountable for their actions can even help you find justice and ensure the offending business or organization does not cause suffering to more children in the future.

Houston Child Injury Lawyer

Ben Bronston is a compassionate and highly qualified local personal injury lawyer. He understands the complex and delicate nature of accidents involving children. His priority is always the short and long-term best interests of the child or minor involved. This is why he is unafraid to hold negligent schools, child care providers, and other parties accountable for injuries that your loved one has sustained.

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Texas Child Injury Information Center

  • Common Types of Child Injuries
  • Common Sources of Child Accidents
  • Toy or Product Defects Leading to Child Injuries in Texas
  • Resources for Child Injuries

Common Types of Child Injuries

There are many different scenarios in which a child could suffer an injury, including playground accidents, swimming pool accidents, day car accidents, animal attacks, and others. Some of the most common child injuries include:

  • Choking – Younger children may be eager to place a range of unsafe objects in their mouth, which can lead to a risk of choking on even common objects, such as buttons, lids, tops, and coins.
  • Brain damage – A child who falls due to a hazardous situation or negligent supervision can easily sustain brain damage, as the skull has not fully developed for several years.
  • Concussions – Tripping or falling can lead to a concussion, which can cause lasting damage in developing children.
  • Broken bones – Falling from playground equipment or a range of other scenarios can lead to broken bones, and if these are not carefully treated they can cause permanent damage.
  • Fractures – Although fractures may sound less severe, they can cause lasting damage to developing bones if they are not properly and promptly treated.
  • Suffocation – Children are at risk from suffocation, particularly from plastic bags or packaging.
  • Paralysis – An accident can cause spinal cord damage or other injuries that lead to paralysis.
  • Cuts and scrapes – Inquisitive children can easily sustain anything from minor scrapes to serious lacerations through a variety of means, such as broken class, rough concrete, unsafely stored tools, scissors, or other sharp objects.
  • Burns or scalding – Whether food is served too hot or hot items such as stoves, hair treatment instruments, or other tools are left unsupervised, a burn could mean intense pain or permanent disfigurement for a child.
  • Strangulation – Cords in particular pose a hazard for young children, including blind cords and electrical cords.
  • Poisoning – Children are prone to eat unsafe items if not properly supervised, including lead-based paint, medications, and other toxic items.
  • Drowning – Swimming pools, bath tubs, and fountains pose a drowning hazard for children.

Many of these injuries have the potential to be life altering, and could result in ongoing medical treatment and expenses. If your child has suffered injuries due to the negligence of someone else, it is imperative that you contact a personal injury attorney immediately.

Common Sources of Child Accidents

Some of the most common child negligence claims in Texas can arise from:

  • Child Care Accidents – These claims can arise when your child was injured while at day care or in the care of another person. Child care accident claims often also include negligent supervision claims, and come from the negligence of the day care or an employee of your child’s care facility. Examples can include if the child was injured from unsanitary conditions, from playground equipment or if the child was not properly supervised.
  • School Accidents – These claims can arise when your child was injured at school due to the school’s negligence or the negligence of an employee of the school. These claims can include sports injuries sustained at school.
  • Child Abuse – These claims can arise when a child has been abused and suffered physical injuries due to a person’s sexual assault or physical abuse of the child.
  • Sports Injuries – These types of claims can arise when your child was injured while playing sports in school or recreationally and was injured as a result of another person’s negligence.
  • Negligent Supervision – These types of claims can arise when an individual that had a duty to exercise reasonable care to control a minor child in order to prevent the child from harming himself or others failed to so, and as a result caused the child bodily harm.
  • Attractive Nuisance – Injuries from an attractive nuisance can occur when something is so attractive to a child that it entices them to another person’s property but the object or condition is potentially harmful to a child. Examples of attractive nuisances can include swimming pools, dangerous animals, wells and machinery.

Toy or Product Defects Leading to Child Injuries in Texas

When a parent buys a toy or product for their child, they expect it to be safe. However, in some cases, children’s toys or products can be defective, or made with chemicals that can cause harm to a child. Some of the most common types of child injuries caused by toy defects include lead poisoning, choking on parts of the toy that broke apart too easily, and fractured or broken bones from toys that were unstable.

When a toy or product is made defectively, the responsibility can fall on the manufacturing company or the company who designed/created the product. If your child is injured due to a toy or product defect, a child injury attorney can help you identify who is at fault for your child’s injuries, and your attorney can get the claims process started.

Resources for Child Injuries

  • CDC – Child Injury Report: This report provides information on different types of injuries that children are commonly exposed to. It discusses injuries caused by burns, falls, drowning, poisoning, and others.
  • Safe Kids: This global organization is dedicated to protecting kids form unintentional injuries, which is the leading cause of death to children in the United States. This organization works with over 600 coalitions in the U.S. and partners with organizations from over 23 countries.
  • Child Trends – Unintentional Injuries: This website gives discusses the trends on unintentional injuries to children. Information can be found here on the number of fatal and non-fatal injuries, as well as how age and gender play a role in child injuries.

Finding a Qualified Child Accident Lawyer in Houston, Texas

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