West Texas Oil Rig Accident Results In Worker’s Death


On Wednesday, June 19, a worker was killed and a second injured in an oil rig accident in the town Big Spring, Texas, which is in between Abilene and Midland. The accident occurred when part of a drilling rig collapsed.  Unfortunately these kinds of accidents are not completely unexpected in this part of the state where oil drilling is a major part of the economic backbone. Despite safety procedures implemented by the companies running these rigs, working on an oil rig whether on land or offshore remains one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Despite the dangers oil field workers still have the right to legal restitution if they are injured on the job. Companies who run drilling operations are aware of the risks faced by their employees and will take every step necessary after an accident to protect their interests, including attempting to get an injured worker to waive his right to file a lawsuit. Just as the Companies have their own attorneys to protect their interests, an injured worker should have his own attorney to do the same for him. An attorney experienced in handling workplace injuries, especially oil field related injuries, will be able to advise the worker on the communications he should or shouldn’t have with his employer, and what legal steps need to be taken to get the compensation the employee deserves.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an oil field accident, or suffered any other workplace injury contact the attorneys at Ben Bronston & Associates. Our attorneys have experience in handling these types of cases, included cases that originated from the Eagle Ford Shale operations in west Texas. Our attorneys will use this knowledge to help guide you through the legal system to get the justice you deserve.

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