Road Rage Results In Death of Young Mother And Her Child

An incident of road rage earlier this week in Baytown cost a young woman and her 2 year old son their lives. Police have determined that the deadly wreck was caused by a man who was recklessly driving while chasing his wife who was in another car. This case was different from the normal case of road rage in that the two victims were not involved in the original altercation.

While the cases of road rage that get reported on the most tend to involve violent criminal activity, many other times drivers express their anger by driving aggressively to get “revenge” for the perceived slight, and most of the time these this involves dangerous and reckless driving. In an effort to educate people on road rage the US Department of Transportation had given a number of tips on how to avoid becoming the target of road rage. The first of these is to avoid becoming angry yourself. You are more likely to drive aggressively when you become angry which can lead other to drivers becoming angry in return. Additionally it is important to remember basic driving rules such as not blocking the passing lane, using the blinker before making a turn, and using courtesy in merging traffic situations.  Often it is failing to do these small things that can set another driver off. If you find yourself the target of an angry driver the best thing to do is not to retaliate as that will likely escalate the situation. If you feel threatened lock your doors and find the nearest police officer or police station. Finally, and most importantly, if you see another motorist driving erratically or dangerously stay as far away as possible. Doing so could keep you from being caught up or injured in a road rage altercation between other drivers.

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