Result Type: Auto Accident

Hit by a Vehicle

A 44-year-old man was hit from behind by a commercial vehicle which necessitated back surgery. Minimal property damage was a challenge to overcome, but client still received compensation.

Excessive Drinking

The family of a woman killed in a drunken driving accident came to us for help after the woman’s death. The woman was a passenger in a car whose driver was served an excessive amount of alcohol at a bar. The driver became drunk and swerved into oncoming traffic, killing … Continue reading

Hit by Truck

Our client, while driving his car, was hit by a cement truck which had run a red light. Our client was displeased with their original counsel since no work was done on his case for six months. We took over the case and obtained a settlement in the amount of … Continue reading

Suffered Body Pain

Our client was struck by another driver while driving his car. Although he sustained no broken bones, he suffered lingering pain to his neck, arms and back as a result. We were able to get our client a $30,000 settlement.

Our client was hit by another driver, causing the aggravation of our client’s preexisting heart condition which subsequently led to a heart attack. Although the defendant’s insurance company offered less than $1,000, we were able to get our client a settlement of over $52,000.