Halloween Brings Roadway Danger For Young Trick-Or-Treaters

With Halloween approaching next week we wanted to take an opportunity to discuss a major driving safety issue that comes along with the holiday. The most well known Halloween safety issue is the presence of trick-or-treaters along roadways. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Triple-A both say that Halloween is the most dangerous night of the year for children.

Each year countless children take to the streets in search of candy, and often in their excitement they ignore basic road safety rules. This means it is up to parents to educate their children on basic safety rules, and up to drivers to slow down and use extra caution when driving on Halloween. The following are tips that motorists and parents should use to be sure trick-or-treating remains as safe as possible.

Motorists should:

  • Watch for children running into the street, especially from between parked cars.
  • Be on the lookout for children who may be hard to see in dark colored costumes.
  • Be prepared to yield to young pedestrians even if you have the right of way.
  • NEVER use your cell phone when driving.

Parents should:

  • Be sure that they or another responsible adult accompany their children if they are 12 years old or under.
  • Instruct children to only trick-or-treat in familiar and well lit areas.
  • Give children flashlights with new batteries so that children can see where they are going and so others can see them.
  • Make sure that their child or an adult who is with their child carries a cell phone.
  • Instruct their children to walk, not run, to stay on sidewalks, and to look both ways and use caution when crossing a street or intersection.

Every year children are hit by cars on Halloween but most of these accidents are avoidable. If drivers use extra caution on the roads and parents take some extra time to be sure their kids know how to be safe the holiday can be a little less frightening.

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