Eagle Ford Shale Oil Boom Brings Increase in Big-Rig Wrecks

The Eagle Ford Shale oil boom has brought new jobs and money to the nearby South Texas communities. However the increased oil production has brought an increase in traffic issues to many of these small towns, including the constant presence of 18-wheeler, tanker trucks, and other big-rigs on the highways. Emergency officials in these towns and counties have seen a significant rise in accidents on their roads, many of which involve large trucks.

People are often wary about driving near big-rigs and with good reason. Driving near these large trucks requires motorists to use an extra degree of caution. Two of the most important steps a driver can take to avoid an accident with an 18-wheeler are to not follow too closely and be aware of when you are in a truck’s blind spot. A good rule of thumb to avoid a blind spot is to remember that if you cannot see the truck’s side mirrors, the truck driver cannot see you. Also following too closely can pose a danger because the bottom of the trailer is often at a level where it can directly impact the windshield and driver compartment of a smaller car if the truck suddenly stops.

Big-rig wrecks are often the result of careless driving by the truck driver who may have been on the road too long without enough rest, or may be rushing to meet a deadline. Something as simple as a truck not using a blinker when changing lanes can lead to a smaller car being crushed or run off the road. You have a right to hold a truck driver legally accountable if his negligent actions caused a wreck with you. If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler anywhere in Texas the attorneys at Ben Bronston and Associates are here to help. We will put our numerous years of experience to work for you to get you the justice you deserve for your losses and injuries.

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