Bus Rollover Outside Laredo Claims 2 Lives

A bus rollover accident occurred around 8 A.M. on Easter morning on I-35 outside of Laredo. Although the bus was only carrying 32 people, two passengers, one of whom was from Houston, were killed and a number of others were seriously injured. The Texas Department of Public Safety said that the driver of the bus had not been cited, but there has not been any indication yet of what caused the accident. This accident comes on the heels of another even more fatal bus accident in California where a bus carrying students to a college visit hit a truck and burst into flames. Although accidents such as these are generally few and far between they spotlight the issue of passenger safety and the legal rights of passengers involved in an accident.

Even if a driver of a bus that gets into a wreck is not at fault, injured passengers or their families can seek to hold the bus company liable for the injuries they received or for the unfortunate death of loved ones. Often these bus companies, especially the larger ones, will have their own attorneys or insurance companies attempt to get statements from passengers to attempt to limit the company’s liability as much as possible. It is essential that an injured passenger or family members not speak to those company or insurance representatives before contacting an attorney of their own. An attorney will be able to speak to the bus company or insurance representatives on the victim’s behalf and will be able to guide the victim through an often confusing and frustrating process. As a victim, having an attorney on your side greatly increases the possibility that you will be able to recover monetarily for any expenses related to injuries as well as compensation for pain and suffering.

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