East Texas Chain Reaction Accident

Over 100 Vehicles Involved in East Texas Chain Reaction Accident

There was a massive chain reaction pile up on I-10 near Beaumont Thanksgiving morning. The accident, which was caused by extremely dense fog, involved over 100 vehicles and resulted in over 80 injuries and 2 deaths.

On a holiday like Thanksgiving many people take to the road to visit family and friends, and unfortunately accidents happen. In inclement weather such as fog it is extremely important to drive with caution and even pull over if visibility is too low. Being a few minutes late to your destination is much better than getting into a wreck.

If you are hurt in an accident that appears to be caused by conditions such as fog you may still be entitled to recovery for your injuries if the other driver or drivers were acting negligently, such as not appropriately adjusting their speed to the conditions. If you are hurt in a car accident Ben Bronston and associates is here to help. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help you recover for your injuries and hold those whose negligence led to your accident responsible.

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